Another year of shame for China

2012 already ! In 2011 China has again shown itself unfit to fully play a part in the modern world of free and democratic nations, with continued brutality at home and in Tibet.

China's Shame, The World's Shame

Bertie is lucky to be able to relax in comfortable circumstances

Click the link below to see details of the worst regimes around the world:


Tibetan Unrest

A watercolour of Bertie

Please click below for a Guardian article showing how China even fears the attention of a journalist on an eco-tourism adventure:

Looking back......looking forward

Bertie, after his summer trim

How many decades must we wait for China to do the decent thing ?

Chinese New Year

(Pictured above) Bertie enjoys his freedom in the snow with a friend

Happy Chinese New Year to all with a peaceful and loving heart !

It would be a good time for China to turn over a new leaf.....

We need more and more pressure from world leaders - see the news link below:

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Great News !!!!

The Nobel Peace Prize 2010 was awarded to Liu Xiaobo "for his long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights in China". Well done !!!!!

Not forgetting the formerly independent country of Tibet !

A changing climate

Disappearing grasslands on the Tibetan plateau:

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Bertie's Pledge

A painting of Bertie, the Tibetan Terrier (click to grow, and browser Back button to return)

My pledge, is to bring down the Chinese Government by peaceful means, because the brutality, torture and murder has continued for so long. I have no argument with the Chinese people - only those who abuse human rights in Tibet, and China itself - your days are numbered !

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Tibetan Terrier

A Tibetan Terrier has no eyes

and wears snow shoes winter and summer

a Collie might be brighter

and Chow Chow often dumber

they climb the monastery

of stairs, or jump on a window ledge

as if the Chinese are coming

over the mountain edge

remember October nineteen-fifty

and March of fifty-nine ?

hearing the twilight bark

and seeing the army line

scruffy, soulful dogs

were always there on duty

looking out for strangers

in glimpses of frozen beauty

some said their crazy bark

wasn’t kind on the ear

and frequent mad half-hours

became decades of cold fear

in the frozen Himalaya

they knew a peaceful way

before the pointed red star

had its bloody day

but dogs are still watchful

and their pups have no fear

the end of brutality

is now coming near

Paul Judges / MaverickHeart (2010)